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Adeline Ross Scholarship Fund

The Adeline Ross Scholarship Fund provides funds for undergraduate and graduate students, as well as funding for various spiritual growth programs.

Adeline Ross was an Episcopal Deaconess active in the Wind River Valley from 1915 to 1949. While at St. Thomas she used her own money to offer loans to students for higher educational needs. When she left, the church continued this ministry to students. The earliest records of this educational fund created in her honor are from 1967, with reports of at least 21 loans given out.

The principal is now invested, and the interest earned is given out through application to the Fund. The yearly award amount for each student is up to $1,000, when available from the Fund’s earnings. In the early 90’s the scholarship committee decided to change the fund to an outright scholarship grant rather than a loan to be repaid.

Dubois High School Graduating Seniors

College scholarships for Dubois High School Seniors are awarded each spring. Applications for graduating Dubois High School seniors are due April 5th. Applications for graduating Dubois High School seniors are available at the High School from the Guidance Counselor or may be downloaded here. When received, the Scholarship committee will decide if the application fits the parameters of the Adeline Ross Scholarship Fund or the Jim Duffy Memorial Scholarship Fund.

Upon successful completion of your previous scholarship year, Dubois High School graduates may apply for a 2nd, 3rd and 4th year of scholarship funds by submitting this application and required attachments no later than July 1 of each year.​

Persons Re-entering College or Pursuing Other Educational Opportunities

Persons who are re-entering or continuing undergraduate college studies, graduate degrees, or who wish to pursue other educational opportunities, should submit this application by July 1 of the current year.

After successful completion of their previous scholarship year, students may apply yearly for up to 3 more years by submitting a renewal application. 

Adeline Ross Continuing Christian Education Scholarships

Scholarships can be awarded to youths of any age for camps and youth events offered by the National Church and the Diocese and other special opportunities seen as having merit by the Committee. The money is also available to adult members of St. Thomas Church for continuing Christian Education in the Wyoming Diocese, as well as nationally.  Applications for other learning opportunities may be considered by the scholarship committee. To apply for help with these opportunities, please use this application.

Adeline Ross Seminary Scholarships

Dubois residents wishing to enter Seminary will be given special consideration. This application should be used.

After successful completion of their previous scholarship year, the student may reapply for another scholarship. Please use the same application form for subsequent seminary years.

Adeline Ross Fund in support of Education for Ministry (EfM) Scholarships

Scholarships in support of Education for Ministry (EfM)  (carried out at St.  Thomas’ or online) will be available if there is an active EfM group at St. Thomas'.  Please submit a written request.

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